The Technology

We have a new invention that we have conceived in 2010, and been testing over the past 24 months. It is going to change the way people think about Fast Food. What we have invented is a Temperature Preservation Cabinet and it can hold food at a temperature where the food is ready to serve. Unlike all other traditional machines, it does not dry or degrade the food.

The Lifecycle of evario

Designed to provide a stabilised temperature in any condition of use, the Exever technology is the only one that can safely preserve food using heat. Using appliances equipped with the Exever technology, combined with procedures to portion food, has many advantages: cooked foods maintain their organoleptic properties, which are refined and protected over time; raw foods will be enhanced by slow, gentle cooking at controlled temperatures, bringing flavours and quality to unprecedented levels.

From the perspective of safety, holding foods at ambient temperature for extended periods may, in fact, allow the growth of pathogenic bacteria above the danger thresholds. In general, foodborne pathogenic bacteria grow rapidly within a temperature range between 5°C and 60°C inclusive. Foods are preserved and aged naturally at a constant temperature above 60°C, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms; because they don’t undergo any additional processes that could change their flavour and quality, the food is always ready to eat even after several days and tastes just as if it was freshly made.

Cooking, ageing, preserving and eating without any dramatic temperature changes while also retaining the nutritional values of foods, their textures and colours, avoiding to achieve the critical temperatures for bacterial growth and saving time and energy: these are the main benefits offered by the Exever Technology.

Exever logo

The Evereo, as we know it, or “The Hot Fridge” holds the food at an incredibly even temperature ready to eat. In many cases, it can hold the food for days and even weeks. It’s computer-controlled and holds the set temperature with (+/- 0.5°) of variance. The Evereo Cabinet can be used in many ways, but we are now seeing its a demand for Ready To Serve meals Certified or Evereo Approved meals can be held in the “Hot Fridge”, preserved for a long time.

UNOX and Exever technologies